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TweetDeck vs HootSuite

TweetDeck vs HootSuite

Falling under a field where social media updating and interacting with follower, it is important to know which social media management platform is best to use. TweetDeek and HootSuite are the two  most popular options.
The question is which one is best? Well , they both offer a variety of different options. This article will compare TweetDeck and HootSuite. First  of all the two options  have similar layouts. They use dashboards with separate columns for you to organize your streams, @mentions, messages,  tracked hash tags  and so on.  
On one side we have , TweetDeck has a neat little pop-up box that appears in top right corner of your screen every time an update is posted. The one thing  about TweetDeck’s layout is the white text on black background. In older versions, there used to be an option to choose different layouts, but since it was acquired by Twitter, many of those options were taken away. The button to post triggers a pop-up box in the middle of the screen much like Twitter via web along with all the social profiles connected to TweetDeck so post can be allow to multiple profiles.
On the other side, HootSuite has color themes which allow choose for the dashboard if needed, like the light text on a dark background.  should also be notices a pretty extensive menu to the left side when the roll of the  mouse over any of the icons. That’s where the settings can be adjusted , get the analytic and much more. Unlike TweetDeck, HootSuite does not offer a pop-up box in the corner of the screen for live updates. The post box is located at the top of the screen, along with a section directly beside it to choose the profiles wanted to update.
It’s also worth mentioning that TweetDeck has desktop for both OS X and Windows, whereas HootSuite only works from inside your Internet browser. Both services also offer mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.
When it comes to Social Profile Integration there’s a big difference between what TweetDeck and HootSuite can handle in terms of social profile integration. TweetDeck is quite limited, but HootSuite offers a lot more options.
Also, TweetDeck will only connect to Twitter profiles, Facebook profiles or Facebook pages. That’s it. It used to include other social networks, but those were taken away after Twitter acquired it and updated it. You can connect an unlimited number of Twitter or Facebook accounts, but if you also want to update Google+, Tumblr, WordPress or anything else, you won’t be able to do it with TweetDeck.
While HootSuite For updating accounts other than Facebook and Twitter, HootSuite is a better option. HootSuite can be integrated with Facebook profiles/pages/groups, Twitter, Google+ pages, LinkedIn profiles/groups/companies, Foursquare, WordPress, Myspace, and Mixi accounts. And as if that wasn’t enough, HootSuite also has an extensive App Directory you can use to connect to eve more profiles like You Tube , Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram and so many more. Although HootSuite can connect to many more social networks than TweetDeck can, a free account with HootSuite will only allow you to have up to five social profiles. You need to upgrade to a Pro account if you need to manage more than five profiles.


Harmony at the beginning of a relationship doesn't predict an everlasting love, large fires are most chips but also the most damage

The word "mortgage" comes from a French word that means "death contract".

In Oklahoma, it's illegal to take a bite out of another person's hamburger.

Over 80,000 people graduated from McDonald's Hamburger University with a bachelors degree in hamburgerology.

The word 'censorship' is censored in China.

Most vegetarians can easily get enough protein.

We as PRP's, need to show our organisations the value of our function

Men with shaved heads are perceived as an inch taller and 13% stronger than men with hair.

In his lifetime, a man spends almost six months shaving.

If your laptop feels hot,don't put it on your lap if you're a man, it may cause infertility.

Men lie 6 times a day, twice as often as women.

Men spend almost a year of their lives staring at women.

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Saddam Hussein used Whitney Houston's song "I will always love you" for his 2002 campaign.

What is love ?

Love appointed a sense of affection and attachment to a person, an animal that one thing that drives those who seek to experience physical proximity, or even spiritual imagination with the object of that love and adopt a particular behavior .... but some people have misunderstood and misinterpreted this version of our love my friends

Your eyes

Your eyes

When I see your eyes
it looks like nothing is important
the world disappears
there is only you and me.
I'm here to watch you,
for a long time,
long as eternity.
I do not get tired.
never, I think, I will never forget you,
you and your beautiful eyes,
illumine  my world
my being
my reason for living.
I am amazed
by the stars that shine
In these two gems on your face,
who are you,
the most beautiful man in the world.

Proudly Gabonese

I 'm Gabon capital Libreville which
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Where I spend my whole existence
Childhood and the wisdom got the better of my youth
A country where boys are beautiful, strong and proud
Smart girls , young and beautiful
Parents concerned and anxious

...Wait a bit

Harmony at the beginning of a relationship does not necessarily predict an everlasting love , experience teaches us that large fires are most chips but also the most damage .

I still love you !

I still love you

I think about you despite the injury, despite the harm you did to me I am in the shadow of a love that makes me a slave to your beauty and your charm is your favorite fishing haunts me of desire in my heart desire vogue on a wave of passion that I miss and whatever evil you've to ​​me . I will love you like a fish loves water and together we could form a world without law.